SuSumanthra BILDLIDA photomanthra Govender is a PhD candidate in the Department of Integrated Studies in Education at McGill University. Her research interests are in identity formation, ethnic affiliation, heritage language education and maintenance, minority language rights and policies, sociolinguistics, and multiculturalism/multilingualism. Sumanthra has a Higher Diploma in Theoretical Linguistics from University College Dublin. Her dissertation focused on the duration of disyllabic words in Tamil. In 2002, Sumanthra graduated from Concordia University with a Master’s of Arts in Applied Linguistics. Her master’s thesis focused on assessing the depth of word knowledge among ESL/EFL learners through multiple word association responses. Sumanthra has been primarily teaching ESL (academic writing) and/or TESL at several universities and colleges in Montreal since 2002. She has also taught in Edmonton, Prague, and Toulouse. In addition, she is also an acting language specialist for the Standards Councils of Canada – ISO working group TC232 – focusing on language learning services in non-formal education and training environments.

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