Emmanouela.photo.jpgEmmanouela is a PhD student in the Department of Integrated Studies in Education (DISE) at McGill University. She was born and raised in Greece’s capital, Athens and has always been inspired by Greek language, art and literature. Her academic journey entails studies in the fields of Greek Philology (BA), Modern Languages (MSt) and Education Language (MSc). She was very fortunate, as she had the opportunity to delve into these fields while being admitted in three great universities, namely the University of Athens (Greece), the University of Oxford (UK) and the University of Edinburgh (UK). Each of these institutions and of course the people she met in them affected her research interests, her understandings about research and, largely, her own worldview. She is passionate about studying the ways in which languages and people evolve over time and through social interaction. She has worked as a Greek Literature and an ESL teacher, and is currently working as a research assistant in a study about English-speakers’ identity and representation in Montreal. Her research interests include cultural contexts and learning, intercultural studies and identity theory. Her doctoral work will explore young Greek-Quebeckers’ identities and their rapport to Greek culture and language. Besides teaching, studying and writing, Emmanouela loves traveling, skiing and going to good concerts!